Plasma TVs Efficiencies Are Better Than Ever
Nov 13, 2009
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Today's plasma HDTV displays are the most energy efficient plasma TVs ever, and use significantly less power when replacing an older, 36-in picture tube television, according to the Plasma Display Coalition. The coalition adds that current big screen plasmas are even more energy efficient than some 27-in picture tube sets sold just a few years ago. The Coalition says that a typical new plasma HDTV costs less than $0.20 a day to operate, with ultra-efficient designs and power supplies that require less than $0.25 a year to operate on standby power.

In response to recent claims from some utilities and environmental activists, the coalition said TV energy use represents only a small portion of the overall energy consumed in a typical American household – generally less than that of two 75-watt light bulbs.

"Just since 2007, plasma TV manufacturers have successfully reduced plasma display power by more than 20%, year over year. Even though a new plasma HDTV delivers at least six times the picture resolution of older 36-in analog tube-type TVs on a screen that is some 50% larger, the newer sets actually consume less energy than ever before," said Jim Palumbo, president of the Plasma Display Coalition. "Typically, a 42-in to 50-in plasma HDTV will consume less than half the energy of the most popular type of big-screen tube TV sets sold just a decade ago."

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