Whirlpool Applauds DOE's Steps to Enforce Energy Efficiency Standards
Oct 26, 2009
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Whirlpool said it applauds the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for its recent announcement of new steps it will take to enforce energy efficiency standards, including the formation of an enforcement team and review of compliance by manufacturers to ensure they meet DOE certification requirements.

"We're pleased that DOE is stepping up enforcement as these actions are important for several reasons," said Katrina Helmkamp, senior vice president, product business teams, Whirlpool Corporation. "They will help to ensure manufacturers of appliances are held accountable to deliver the energy savings they promise. In turn, consumers will be able to confidently use the Energy Guide label to make energy performance comparisons among brands while shopping, and to attain in real world use the energy efficiency promised when they purchased the appliance."

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