U-Line Introduces Dual-Zone Wine Captain Cabinet
Aug 29, 2008
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U-Line introduced the 2275ZWC Dual-Zone Wine Captain Cabinet with two distinct temperature zones, each cooled and controlled independently.

The Dual-Zone Wine Captain Cabinet allows individuals to customize their unit according to their preferred temperatures and changing needs. Inside the cabinet, the upper and lower zones are highly specialized, independently refrigerated chambers with separate temperature control capabilities. For those with specific temperature preferences, each zone can be independently set from 34 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Or, U-Line’s new U-Select temperature settings will eliminate the guesswork of selecting proper serving temperatures by providing them at the touch of a button. Four pre-programmed temperature settings — one each for red, white and sparkling wines, plus an alternative beverage setting — simplifies the process and ensures that wines are chilled appropriately. Each U-Select setting can also be customized within a specific range to maintain a preferred temperature. U-Select settings and allowable ranges are based on ideal serving temperatures and safe storage conditions.

In the center of the cabinet, the digital display and touch control panel provides the temperature for each zone and puts the ability to select or change a setting right at your fingertips.

The cabinet has a tinted, thermal-tempered glass door that allows a clear view of the bottles inside while preventing UV light rays from penetrating the cabinet. A newly designed wine caddy situated in the bottom of the cabinet slides out of the unit to transport three bottles to another destination. In all, the 24-inch-wide model provides storage for up to 43 standard .75 ml bottles.

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