LG Reports its LCD TVs Use 69.5% Less Power
Sep 2, 2008
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LG Electronics announced that TÜV SÜD, a European testing, inspection, and certification organization, found that LG’s intelligent sensor technology incorporated in the Scarlet LG60 TV consumes up to 69.5% less power. This is the same technology that helps other LG LCD TVs achieve its energy efficiency and picture quality.

The findings were also confirmed both by the Korea Electric Testing Institution and the Center for Electrical Power Information and Technology Studies at the University of Indonesia.

LG’s Intelligent Sensor senses color temperature and illumination of the surrounding environment using a 4096-step algorithm and then automatically adjusts the TV’s settings for providing audiences with optimal picture quality. In this process it reportedly not only changes settings like brightness, contrast, color, sharpness and white balance to make TV watching more comfortable, but also the intensity of the TV’s backlight. This is said to considerably improve picture quality and cause less eyestrain while also saving power by reducing unnecessary brightness.

Intelligent Sensor technology is available on a number of LG’s LCD TV models including the LG50, LG60/61, LG70, LG80 and LG90.

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