Report: Semiconductor Industry to Improve in 2010
Oct 7, 2009
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The Semiconductor industry will continue to fall in 3Q 2009 and will not stabilize until at least 2010, when it is forecast to grow, according to having Gartner, Inc.

Gartner's DASI Index said that "While some industries are experiencing a fundamental demand-side recovery, other industries are benefiting from a reduction in inventory simply because of their continued conservative efforts in keeping the supply chain lean. Concerns of possible shortages in inventory seem to be premature, but inventory should continue to be monitored, especially in large-scale markets, such as PCs and cellular phones."

"Even though revenue has been showing positive growth, there is not enough of it to overcome the declines we saw at the beginning of 2009, and we do not see indications of this changing before the end of the year," the report said. "Nevertheless, the industry continues to shed inventory, which has made the current crisis manageable."

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