Masdar City and GE Partner on Smart Appliance Pilot Program
Oct 6, 2009
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Masdar City, in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, and GE Consumer & Industrial announced a pilot program that will investigate the reduction of peak power demand through the use of smart home appliances. The program involves some of the first residents of Masdar City, and will test how GE smart (or demand response enabled) appliances and Home Energy Manager (HEM) can lower power demand in the home and across the city.

GE specifically designed and manufactured the appliances and networks for the pilot, which leverages Masdar City’s status as a cleantech cluster and one-of-a-kind "living laboratory" for new sustainability technologies. The equipment will be installed in early 2010 in the first building to be completed at Masdar City, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

Ten of the Masdar Institute’s 100 residences will participate in the two-year pilot project. The information developed from the program will not only provide important early feedback in testing consumers’ energy-consumption behavior in the face of Demand-Response technology, but it also will assist Masdar City in planning and designing its smart power grid in order to achieve its carbon-neutral, zero-waste, 100%-renewable-energy-powered objectives.

The pilot residences in the Masdar Institute building will be equipped with a Home Energy Manager and European-style and size demand response-enabled refrigerators, cooktops and combination clothes washers/dryers that work on 220volt/50HZ platforms. During the pilot, the HEM and appliances will receive signals from the grid, which will simulate peak energy usage periods. In response, the HEM and smart appliances will customize the appliances’ responses to save energy, reducing energy demand on the grid.

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