Federal E-Waste Legislation Proposed to Improve Electronics Recycling Nationwide
Sep 30, 2009
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Along with leaders from Best Buy Co., Inc. and Minnesota’s electronics recycling industry, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) unveiled proposed federal legislation Sunday at the Richfield, Minn. Best Buy store that seeks to improve the recycling of electronics across the U.S.

The bill, the Electronic Device Recycling and Research and Development Act, is the first step in bringing together manufacturers, retailers, recyclers and research institutes to help find solutions to the problem of e-waste. If passed, the bill will:

* create competitively-awarded grants for universities, government labs, and private industry to research and develop demonstration projects for recycling, reuse, refurbishment and life-cycle analysis;
* call for a study by the National Academy of Science to look at barriers and opportunities to increase electronic device recycling and reduce the use of hazardous materials in electronic products; and
* direct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make grants available for curriculum development for engineering students and professionals in electronics manufacturing, design, refurbishing and recycling industries.

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