Thor Participates in Cash for Clunkers Program
Sep 11, 2009
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Thor Appliance Company said it will offer a factory rebate of US$200 on the company’s full line if ENERGY STAR laundry appliances. The rebate program begins immediately and will continue while inventory lasts.

Thor said that while the goal of the program is to help consumers replace inefficient top-loading washing machines with energy saving front loaders, customers do not need to trade-in clunkers to qualify for the program. "We realize that consumers want to purchase more efficient appliances but are waiting to see if a government rebate will be available," said Matthew Lee, vice president of sales for Thor Appliances. "We hope that our rebate will jumpstart the sale of green appliances while Washington, D.C. decides if and when they’ll provide their own incentives."

Thor’s $200 factory rebate will be taken at the time of sale and will apply to the company’s entire line of compact laundry machines sold online at The rebate applies to Thor’s standard retail pricing, which remains unchanged. The program will not include hauling away old appliances nor will the company accept clunkers as trade-ins.

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