Report: BRIC Could Lead Flat Panel TV Sales
Sep 10, 2009
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For 3Q 2009, global Flat Panel TV (PTV) sales were recorded at 29 million units, a 24% increase compared with the same period last year, yet less than the 31% increase of 2008, said a GfK Retail and Technology report. The situation of the PTV market in the U.S., Europe, and Japan is not especially optimistic, the report said, and as a result, many are beginning to attach hope to the emerging markets, such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

The report said that the population of BRIC is 2.84 billion, 42% of the world's total. Although the BRIC countries are still a long way from being recognized as a developed group of nations in terms of economic aggregate, high growth has been exhibited at an impressive rate. For example, although China's GDP is slowing down, it was still 6% in Q1 2009 which is obviously higher than the global average. In Q2 2009, China's GDP rose to an extremely strong 7.9%.

The report noted taht BRIC be the real engine of the global PTV market with China at the forefront. According to GfK data, total PTV sales of BRIC countries in Q1 2009 was 7.47 million units, 25% of the global PTV market and a 72% increase compared with the same period last year which exceeded the global average increase rate of 24% by a considerable margin.

In Q1 2009, PTV sales in China stood at 5.16 million units, a 66% increase compared with Q1 2008, accounting for 69% of BRIC's total sales. China represents more than half of both BRIC's population, the report said, and total GDP and is seen as the figurehead of this emerging group. The combination of a high population and a rising economy gives China the potential to be the most important country for the PTV market in the world as the BRIC countries develop further.

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