Sears Canada Launches Water Softener Replacement Program
Sep 8, 2009
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Sears Canada Inc. announced the launch of Sears Water Appliance Program (SWAP), which encourages homeowners to upgrade their older water softeners, such as those models with water timers that cannot measure water consumption, to a new Kenmore Ultrasoft water softener model that uses an Energy Star-qualified adapter.

"Sears Water Appliance Program makes sense for Canadians, offering customers a convenient means of upgrading their inefficient or broken water softeners through a program that also offers positive environmental benefits," said Dene Rogers, president & CEO, Sears Canada Inc. "For every water softener that is 'SWAPed', Sears will handle the removal of the old unit from the customer's home, install a Kenmore model with a high-efficiency adapter, and provide a rebate form for the associated removal fee to a maximum of $50. Customers will not only save on the removal fee but be able to reduce energy costs related to water softening in their home."

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