Sears Holdings Announces Manage My Home
Aug 26, 2009
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Sears Holdings announced Manage My Home, an interactive website that offers free access to all the necessary tools and resources any homeowner needs to keep a home running smoothly, inside and out.

The "Answers" section helps get home-related questions answered by seasoned professionals in more than 60 home care and product categories, as well as others who've "been there, done that."

"Projects" give people the tools needed to get the job done, while "Lists" guides users as they put together a checklist of everything they need to do around the house "Inventory" lets you keep better track of all the things that matter within all areas of your home, and "Manuals" features the definitive collections of product owner's manuals on the web and keeps track of everything that matters within a homeowner's most important investment. Sears said that users have already downloaded more than 3 million owner's manuals from Manage My Home.

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