CEA Calls for Spectrum Reform and Unified Agency Control
Aug 24, 2009
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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) submitted comments in response to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) Notice of Inquiry regarding its implementation of the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act (CSEA). CEA put forth two recommendations: reform federal spectrum usage and place the responsibility of spectrum allocation under one agency.

"In our filing to the NTIA, CEA voiced its concern that the country faces a spectrum crisis that requires urgent action," stated Gary Shapiro, CEA's President and CEO."Our nation needs more spectrum for wireless broadband and it can come from vacant and underused government and private sources."

"Spectrum is the lifeblood for wireless broadband technologies and services. More than any other country, Americans rely on their mobile devices and laptops for broadband connectivity at work, at home and on the go. In the marketplace, CEA member companies offer products and services that depend heavily on the availability of spectrum. As CEA has emphasized before, the future of our nation's leadership in innovation and technology depends in large part on broadband, and an increasingly larger share of broadband access is taking place over wireless platforms."

CEA said it supports pending legislation (H.R. 3125 and S. 649) that would require an inventory and assessment of the nation's radio spectrum.

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