CEA Study Says Teens Want More Technology in the Classroom
Aug 19, 2009
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Today's teens rely on consumer electronics products to make their lives easier and are using these devices to help them in school. Teens and Technology Usage in the Educational Environment (2009), a from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), found that students are using technology to access their grades and class assignments online and are using the Internet to help with homework.

While 65% of teens report technology is used by teachers in the class, only 41% report spending time in a computer class or lab. Teens attending public and private schools report that their homework assignments require access to technology once they leave the school grounds. The majority (71%) of private school students are required to have access to either a desktop or laptop outside of the classroom while a smaller percentage of public school students (47%) are required to have access for their studies. Of teens reporting electronics usage at school, 82% say they use a cell phone most often, while 46% say they use a laptop at school.

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