LG Introduces Flat-Panel HDTVs for Long-Term Care Facilities
Aug 10, 2009
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LG Electronics introduced high-definition television (HDTV) flat-panel sets for patient rooms - with its new "HealthView" series designed specifically for Long-Term Care facilities.

With 26- and 32-inch screen class sizes, HealthView is designed to provide a sleek modern look with advanced functionally and features such as Bed 1/Bed 2 controllability on a simplified remote control. With this option, facilities have more than one LG HDTV operating in the same room without conflicting remote control signals. The feature also allows residents to control their own set without the worry and frustration of accidentally adjusting the settings on their neighbor's TV.

HealthView also has Speaker Out control for adjustment of external speaker volume. The LH210C series also has USB 2.0 Media Host for viewing of photos, videos, and more. Compatible with LG's Auto-Sensing Remote Jack Pack (RJP), the LH210C allows residents, visitors, and staff to display different sources on the television, such as laptops and MP3 players, from a remotely located input panel.

The HDTVs Clear Voice II technology allows patients and residents experience a 12-level voice control that enables an adjustment to the voice frequency, providing clearer sound when the TV background noise. This allows patients to hear characters more clearly whether they are listening through the TV's speakers or pillow speaker.

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