Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign Adds 11 Partners
Jul 24, 2009
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Eleven projects joined the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, the European Commission initiative. The campaign is part of the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe Program, which will contribute to achieve the European Union's energy policy targets in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean transport, and alternative fuels.

The new partners cover three of the five campaigning areas categories: Sustainable Energy Communities; Promotional, Communication and Educational actions; Demonstration and Dissemination projects.

A Smart Grid supporting organization is one of the new members. The Guidelines for Smart Metering of the European Smart Metering Industry Group supports reconfiguring the European electricity grid into a “Smart Grid” with guidelines on Smart Metering. The group is at

Another new member is BewareE - Reducing the Energy Consumption of Residents by Behavioral Changes, which aims to stimulate changes in residents’ attitudes and to implement ‘energy services’ in housing companies, municipalities with housing property, tenants, and residents. The group can be found at:

GeoTrainet is a new member focused on geo-education for a sustainable geothermal heating and cooling market. It intends to further develop the geothermal market by addressing the lack of skilled personnel. It plans a program to train and certify designers and drillers of geothermal installations. The group is at:

New member the GTR-H project identifies regulatory barriers and deficiencies for geothermal energy in 4 EU countries (UK, IE, PL, HU) and hopes to develop legislative solutions. For more information see:

Another new member is Support_ERS, which is focused on reducing the administrative barriers for the use of RES 9renewable energy sources) in new EU Member States and candidate countries. The group is a consortium of 11 partners and is co-financed by the Intelligent Energy-Europe program. More information is at:

Other new members are focused on energy efficiency in agricultural operations, biomass production and refining, assessing the impact of wind parks, and promoting renewable energy use in schools.

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