Whirlpool Named One of the Best Places to Launch a Career
Sep 8, 2008
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Whirlpool Corp. was named one of the "Best Places to Launch a Career" by BusinessWeek magazine. The company ranked 46 on the list, ahead of companies like Accenture and Kraft Foods.

Many recent college grads and other entry-level employees come to Whirlpool through the company's Leadership Development Programs, which are three-year programs that rotate new employees through several different positions in marketing, information technology, finance/accounting, engineering, human resources, and supply chain. The programs provide graduates with high-level projects that have a direct impact on the success of the company, as well as opportunities to try
different challenging assignments and further develop their skills.

Whirlpool also provides a work environment and programs that enable entry- level employees to succeed in their careers and maintain a healthy work/life balance, a combination that Gen Y employees say are important to them. Whirlpool offers new employees:

*A new "onboarding boot camp" designed specifically for Leadership Development Program participants. The "boot camp" encompasses three days of orientation and functional training, with exposure to senior leaders, an understanding of the company's business strategy, and networking sessions.

*Opportunities to gain global experience either through a global rotation or by working on a global project team or assignment.

*The Whirlpool mentoring program, which provides one-on-one support for young employees, empowering them to reach out to potential role models throughout the company. In addition, employee networks such as the Women's Network, African American Network, Asian Network, Hispanic Network, Pride Network (for GLBT employees and supporters), and the Young Professionals Network provides informal networking opportunities.

*Tuition reimbursement eligibility immediately upon hire; a competitive 401(K) match; discounts on Whirlpool products; fitness rebates; sports leagues and activity clubs; and opportunities to volunteer in local philanthropic programs.

In addition, Whirlpool's U.S. internship program offers approximately 150 internships each year to qualified students. Approximately 70% of interns are offered full-time positions at Whirlpool.

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