Report: Consumers Clueless on Green
Jul 10, 2009
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The majority of 10,000 people in 21 countries have a guilty conscience about their carbon footprint when using their home and office technology, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Lexmark International, Inc.

Highlights from the survey reveal that the majority of respondents cannot identify their largest potential environmental impact points when it comes to printing, and that women are more knowledgeable and guilt-ridden about their green practices than men.

Top five things global consumers said:
• 91% would rather fix a technology device under warranty than dispose of it
• 85% would often choose the most environmentally conscious printing option if given a "one-click" or "one-push" solution
• 84% are more likely to buy a product if the manufacturer shows more responsibility and concern regarding recycling
• 75% feel guilty about printing unnecessary pages

In the 21 countries surveyed, women are more likely than men to be generally concerned about the environment and the impact from their activities, as well as more likely to correctly name the potential threats from extraneous printing on the environment. Women are also more likely to buy from a technology manufacturer that recycles.

While three-quarters of respondents recognize and feel guilty about their own printing habits, many still feel manufacturers could do more to help and educate, with only 39% of respondents believing that technology companies show enough responsibility when it comes to recycling.

However, the results do suggest that a manufacturer's commitment to eco-friendly practices greatly influences consumers' purchasing decisions, with 84% of respondents claiming they're more likely to buy from a manufacturer concerned with recycling.

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