Sears Adopts OpenID Technology
Jul 6, 2009
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Sears Holdings Corp. said it launched the Open ID platform for Sears Communities, which will connect more than 1 million monthly visitors via MySears and MyKmart sites to major social media.

The OpenID universal login standard enables visitors to consolidate their Internet identity by providing them a single login for all of their online interactions. Sears said it is the first step toward enabling customers to log in to Sears communities using their social IDs rather than set up new accounts. It covers web sites such as Google, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo!, and Twitter.

Users in the Sears and Kmart communities can use the ID and password they already have to write product reviews and can share information on products, services and solutions. Future updates planned with the OpenID platform will Sears said will allow users in the communities to share their posts and product reviews with friends via Facebook.

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