Kuka Robotics to Exhibit at NPE
Jun 22, 2009
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KUKA Robotics Corp. will showcase four solutions for the plastics industry at NPE June 22-26 in Chicago.

Flow International Corporation, a Kuka Robotics System Partner, will demonstrate the KR 16, which executes dry tool paths of the waterjet process around 3D parts and Kuka's hand teach device, allowing for automatic tool change function and enabling the user to teach a tool path manually using a joystick while utilizing Kuka robot technology.

In a robotic cell designed and supplied by Kuka Robotics System Partner, Dyco Inc. the KR5 Sixx will be demonstrated utilizing a vision system that enables it to locate and pick random plastic bottles from a moving conveyor belt simulating loading puck carriers.

Kuka will also display a KR5 Arc in a demo cell designed and supplied by Electro-Hydraulic Automation. The demo cell shows the KR5 ARC holding an air powered cutting tool to trim and cut holes in plastics parts.

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