Toshiba Establishes Vietnam Motor Manufacturing and Sales Base
Jun 3, 2009
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Toshiba International Corp. has begun construction of a motor manufacturing and sales base in southern Dong, Nai Vietnam. The new branch, Toshiba Industrial Products Asia Co., Ltd (TIPA), will manufacture NEMA Premium, 100 HP and below, 140 though 360 frame, IEC and JIS motors. The project is a joint venture between Toshiba International Corp., Toshiba Corp., Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corp., and Toshiba Industrial Products Sales Corp.

TIPA is scheduled to go live in September 2010 and has an expected total investment of US$77 million. It is projected to reach full manufacturing capacity in 2015, with 500 employees, and manufacture up to 1.2 million motors a year.

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