Consortium Forms for Memory Interface Technology Standard
Jun 3, 2009
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LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics Co., Hynix Semiconductor, Inc., and Silicon Image, Inc. formed an industry consortium that promotes Serial Port Memory Technology (SPMT) for broad market adoption as an industry standard. SPMT will initially target the mobile handset market, reportedly enabling a new generation of devices capable of running highly data intensive, media-rich applications while at the same time extending battery life.

The consortium said that as future generations of handsets take on more functions typically seen in laptops, and as the line between cell phones and handheld media-intensive devices blur, new memory architectures will be required to handle demands for ever greater bandwidth while keeping power low and cost down.

The SPMT Consortium was founded to provide the technology capable of delivering the bandwidth flexibility and scalability required by new generations of mobile devices, all at significantly reduced pin count, low power consumption, and at a lower cost.

The SPMT promoters also announced the formation of the SPMT, LLC, the entity chartered with managing the day-to-day activities of administering the SPMT specification.

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