Gothenburg Energy to Install 90,000 GE Smart Meters
Jun 1, 2009
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To provide consumers with information to better manage utility costs, Gothenburg Energy has ordered and will deploy 90,000 GE smart meters.

The project will meet a Swedish government mandate, which requires all utilities to have an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in place by today. The new meters will provide the utility with real-time data access.

Gothenburg Energy, Western Sweden’s leading energy company, is the reportedly the first utility in Europe to implement a ZigBee-based communications infrastructure for a full rollout of an AMI system, which is focused on electricity, but is planned to include district heating, gas, and water meters in the near future.

ZigBee is economical wireless mesh networking. Gothenburg says that the low cost allows the technology to be deployed widely, and its low power usage allows smaller batteries to have a longer life. ZigBee mesh networking provides higher reliability at a larger range.

GE is supplying the meters to NURI Telecom Co. Ltd., which will then install them for Gothenburg Energy as part of the overall AMI-system.

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