Toshiba to Stop Making Mobile Phones in Japan
May 21, 2009
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Toshiba Corp. it will end production of mobile phones in Japan due, said a Reuters report.

The company said its only domestic plant for mobile phones will stop operations in October.

Toshiba's global shipments of mobile phones fell to 3 million units in the last fiscal year from 6 million units the previous year, the report said. Toshiba said most of its cell phones were sold in Japan.

The company said it will continue to make cell phones at its plant in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, the report said. It will also outsource its mobile phone production.

Toshiba said the move to end Japanese mobile phone production will not result in job losses as workers will be assigned to different jobs.

It was Toshiba's biggest loss ever and its first annual net loss in seven years.

Toshiba's annual sales dropped 13 percent to 6.65 trillion yen due to faltering business in semiconductors as well as digital equipment and home electronics.

Toshiba said its mobile phone business only accounts for 3 percent of its total operations.

Shares of Toshiba fell 1.9 percent Wednesday to close at 355 yen.

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