Report: DVD Still Dominates Home Video in the U.S.
May 18, 2009
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According to The NPD Group, watching movies and other video content on DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) comprises the lion’s share of home-video acquisition and viewing, even as newer digital methods are beginning to gain a foothold in the consumer market. In fact, NPD says that DVD and BD sales and rentals represented 88% of consumer spending on home video content, based on a survey that asked about home video consumption over the previous three months.

NPD's report "Entertainment Trends In America" revealed that the average U.S. home video consumer reported spending an average of US$25 per month on all types of home video purchases and rentals. When it comes to spending on home video content: 63% was spent on DVD purchases; 7% on BD purchases; 18% on DVD/BD rentals from retail stores, subscriptions or kiosks; 9% on video on-demand (VOD); and 3% on digital downloads and online streaming.

When consumers were queried about all the ways they watched a full-length movie in the past three months, digital options were not widely used; however, the category has grown since last year. According to NPD, 9% of consumers with home Internet connections reported watching movies streamed online in the past three months, versus just 5% last year; 8% rented a digital movie download – an increase of 4 percentage points since last year. Viewing movies downloaded through game consoles attracted fewer than 5% of consumers.

According to the report, eight out of 10 digital movie downloaders also reported buying or renting a DVD, which compares to only 50% for the population as a whole; 25 percent claimed to buy or rent a Blu-ray disc, versus 5% overall.

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