AHAM Data Shows Efficiency Keeps Improving
May 12, 2009
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The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) said that clothes washers, refrigerators, and dishwashers continued to improve their energy efficiency last year. In a report, the 2008 Energy Efficiency and Consumption Trends data for home appliances, clothes washers show a 64% decrease in energy consumption per unit since 2000, while tub capacity increased by 9%. AHAM says that the ability for consumers to wash more clothes per load while also using less energy "is great news for consumers and their energy bills." The data also shows that both refrigerators and dishwashers are more than 30% more efficient than models sold in 2000.

According to AHAM, manufacturers continue to make improvements every year that reduce the amount of energy used to operate home appliances. The average refrigerator made in 2008 consumed 3% less energy than those made in the previous year, AHAM says, adding that the average refrigerator sold today uses less energy than a 60 W light bulb that is left on 24 hours a day.

For more information, visit www.aham.org.

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