UL Announces Certification Program for Annex G of ANSI/NSF 61
May 8, 2009
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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is now providing manufacturers of plumbing related products certification to Annex G of ANSI/NSF 61.

Annex G is an optional evaluation method for products to demonstrate less than 0.25% weighted average lead content. For manufacturers to comply with the standard, products exceeding 0.25% weighted average lead content will have to be re-engineered or new products will need to be developed to replace them.

In addition to offering the certification to Annex G, UL is creating a separate certification program for low-lead compliance that will include testing of metal alloys to demonstrate compliance to AB 1953. UL says the program will help manufacturers with products that are required to demonstrate compliance with the California law, but are not covered by or specifically included in ANSI/NSF 61. According to UL, the program will also give manufacturers the option of demonstrating compliance with the law using a means other than Annex G.

A benefit of the program, UL says, is that it can include testing protocols as soon as they are recognized by the DTSC, rather than waiting for adoption of the protocols into Annex G.

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