U-Line Refrigerators Receive Tier 3 Energy Efficiency Rating
Apr 30, 2009
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Appliance maker U-Line said that the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) awarded U-Line a Tier 3 rating – the highest energy efficiency rating available - for two of its refrigerator models. Both the Échelon 2175R and Origins 1175R met the criteria set forth by the CEE for the high rating. According to the CEE, a product that attains a Tier 3 rating is 30% more efficient than the federal standard.

According to U-Line, the 2175R runs at 246 KwHr/year, meaning it costs a homeowner $26 a year to run the unit. The 1175R runs at 259 KwHr/year, costing a homeowner $28 a year.

According to Kevin Kinch, Industrial Design and Product Manager for U-Line, the energy efficiency on both units was achieved, in part, "by switching from an R22 based foam to a much more efficient 245FA foam…bottom line, better insulation," he told APPLIANCE. "We also made substantial gain via a new evaporator with an increased cap tube size and thicker aluminum for better heat transfer."

U-Line's Échelon 2115R also has a high energy efficiency rating--the CEE Tier 1 rating, which requires the product be 20% more efficient than the federal standard. U-Line said that the Échelon 2115R runs at 304 KwHr/year. The annual cost to a homeowner is $33 to run the unit.

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