Miele Launches 24/7 Remote Appliance Monitoring System
Apr 28, 2009
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Miele launched RemoteVision technology, a system that monitors appliances 24/7 and reports any user faults or potential service problems to Miele’s service center. A fault code will either trigger an automated email (offering a corrective strategy) or analysis by a Miele technician who, if need be, will schedule a service appointment.

"The service call has remained the same for over 100 years,” said Nick Ord, president and CEO of Miele, Inc. "With RemoteVision we’ve evolved the entire service paradigm. We don’t wait for the consumer to call us with a possible fault. We are proactively alerted of an issue and we contact them with critical information about the fault – which they may or not know they are experiencing. We effectively offer our customers true worry-free service after the sale, not to mention the peace of mind, convenience and time savings of potentially avoiding a bigger problem down the road."

Using wireless local area network (WLAN) technology and application software, RemoteVision enabled products are monitored 24/7. This dedicated "link" allows for the secured transmission of performance data. If a fault, of any sort, occurs, Miele’s client service center will be notified and subsequently will contact the referring client or another individual identified on his or her call roster (determined at time of registration). The RemoteVision client will receive message alerts via email. The content of the messages will vary as well. A client may be provided with use/care recommendations, trouble shooting suggestions or service notifications alerting them that an in-person service appointment is recommended.

To date, all Independence Series refrigerators, freezers and wine storage units and super large capacity laundry models W488 and W4840 are RemoteVision capable.

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