Waste Energy Appliance Starts Shipping
Apr 9, 2009
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Ener-G-Rotors, Inc. announced its first order for a TGE50, a 50kW waste heat to electricity appliance. The TGE50 converts "waste heat" -- low-temperature hot water or steam -- into electricity that is returned to the customer’s grid.

Ener-G-Rotors products are specifically designed to be economical, providing a payback as short as two years. They are modular, so they reportedly can fit in any industrial setting, and non-disruptive, with minimal maintenance needs and attendance free operation.

The technology behind the products, a Trochoidal Gear Engine, is an efficient and effective expander used in an organic Rankine cycle. The gear engine has only two moving parts, couples directly to a generator, is internally lubricated, and is reportedly unique in recycling heat from waste water sources as cool as 150°F.

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