Report: Companies Wasting Money and Time On Mobile Devices
Apr 2, 2009
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Companies are wasting money on unused minutes and unnecessary charges for their employees' mobile phones, according to a new survey by Mobi, a mobile device management company.

The survey of both employees and information technology professionals found that:

• Only one in four employees uses most (75% - 100%) of the monthly minutes their company is paying for
• More than one third (35%) of employees have downloaded extras like ringtones and costly data applications for their mobile devices, on the company dime
• 14% of employees are spending $10 or more per month of their company's money on extras
• Nearly half (48%) of employees say their wireless plan includes services they don't use
• Forty-three percent of IT professionals think they consistently overpay for wireless device service
• Almost a quarter of those (22%) think they overpay by 20% or more each month.

According to Brandon Hampton, director of Mobi, one of the main reasons companies waste money on mobile devices and services is that they lack a clear, enforceable policy for employees. "Our survey showed that a third of companies have no policy in place at all, and another 17% don't enforce their policy. So it's not surprising that money is being wasted on unnecessary services and other extras, because companies aren't monitoring their mobile programs."

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