Fresh Approach Differentiates Camera Design
Mar 16, 2009
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In search of product differentiation, Argus Camera Company collaborated with Teams Design to develop the newly launched Bean (pictured). The design team focused on consumer interests and used a "pull to push" product development strategy, which resulted in a fresh digital camera design.

Teams started with observational research of younger users, addressing issues important to a camera for this age group.

“Two keywords for this camera would be simple and wearable," says Howard Cheng, designer at Teams. "The versatile clip-on design attaches to clothes or accessories, making it portable and less likely to be misplaced. The durable soft-touch rubber surface and water resistant design withstands abuse. The roundness of the body is one of the key ergonomic features, making its shape and material combination fit well to a child’s hand."

Designers discovered that it was quite important for young uses to have the instant gratification of seeing the picture on-screen, whereas they observe that adults take pictures mostly for memory archival purposes. "Therefore the LCD screen was crucial," said Paul Hatch, managing director at Teams. "Five megapixels with autofocus and image stabilization features provide a good picture quality that will impress children and aid unsteady hands."

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