GE Receives Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award
Mar 5, 2009
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The U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded GE Consumer and Industrial the Energy Star Sustained Excellence award for the fourth straight year. The award also marks the sixth year GE has been acknowledged as an Energy Star Partner of the Year.

GE says that 54% of GE appliance products are Energy Star qualified, including its Tankless Gas Water Heater and Hybrid Electric Water Heater.

In 1Q 2009, GE says it will introduce a suite of "smart" appliances or Energy Management Enabled Appliances that will be enabled to receive a signal from the local utility companies that are participating in tiered rate programs to help consumers manage their peak energy usage. The appliances will receive the control signal that utility rates are high and react based on the appliance’s internal programming.

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