ITC Rules In LG's Favor In Whirlpool Patent Case
Mar 2, 2009
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LG Electronics said the International Trade Commission ruled in LG's favor in a patent dispute between LG and Whirlpool Corp.

After a five-day International Trade Commission trial, Judge Theodore Essex ruled that LG refrigerators are not covered by Whirlpool's U.S. patent for ice storage bins located in refrigerator doors. The company said the decision will be finalized in about three months if there is no appeal.

In January last year, Whirlpool claimed that LG had violated five of its refrigerator patents. But the U.S.-based company subsequently withdrew four of those patent infringement claims prior to the trial. Following the lawsuit, in April last year, LG filed a countersuit in the U.S. District Court in Delaware saying that the U.S. company has violated four of LG's patents related to refrigerators. The case is now expected to go to trial in March 2010.

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