De’Longhi Designs Special Espresso Machines for Charity
Feb 23, 2009
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De’Longhi enlisted several designers for a special group of espresso machines that will be sold on eBay, with the proceeds to go to the charity Oxfam International, a group of independent, non-governmental organizations dedicated to fighting poverty and related injustices throughout the world. The machines will be sold during two auction periods on the Web site from Aug. 3 to Aug. 8, and then from Aug. 9 to Aug. 16.

Each machine will feature artwork from designers Damien Correll, Jonathan Calugi, Kristina Collantes, Maria Vittoria Benatti, Mario Hugo, Mike Perry, and Michelle Toffalori.

The company will also create a separate Web site,, where people can view the product series in its entirety and read biographies of the designers.

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