Demonstrates Android/E Ink Integration
Feb 15, 2009
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Moto Development Group’s recently released a video "Android Meets E Ink" explaining and demonstrating its integration of Google’s Android operating system with an E Ink electronic paper device broadsheet kit.

Google developed Android explicitly to run on cell phones, but says it is robust enough to run on other devices. Because Android is open source, and supported by a robust development community, it is a candidate to grow beyond its mobile device roots. Moto Labs developed a custom USB driver to bring Google’s Android OS to the E Ink development kit.

The E Ink broadsheet development kit is connected to Beagle Board via USB. E Ink is an electronic paper display technology with a paper-like, high contrast appearance, ultra low-power consumption, and a thin, light form. It is "bi-stable" - meaning it only uses power when it refreshes the screen.

The advantages of this kind of low-power screen device updated via wireless Internet access, Moto says, could bring this connected technology to wearable computing or other screen uses that demand long-term deployment before recharging.

Moto labs said it is also working towards customized solutions that employ not only Android but Ubuntu, Linux, and Adobe AIR platforms for custom web-connected application development.

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