Obama Wants Appliance Standards to Get Tougher
Feb 6, 2009
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President Barack Obama, speaking at the Department of Energy on Thursday, announced new energy efficiency standards for home appliances. He also issued a sharp rebuke to critics of the proposed stimulus plan who put the "pork" label on energy efficiency investments that are part of the plan.

"This plan will finally spark the creation of a clean energy industry that will create hundreds of thousands of jobs over the next few years, manufacturing wind turbines and solar cells for example, and millions more after that," President Obama said. "These jobs and these investments will double our capacity to generate renewable energy over the next few years."

As part of that effort, he said, "Today I've signed a presidential memorandum requesting that the Department of Energy set new efficiency standards for common household appliances. This will save consumers money. This will spur innovation. And this will conserve tremendous amounts of energy. We’ll save through these simple steps over the next thirty years the amount of energy produced over a two-year period by all the coal-fired power plants in America."

The Associated Press, citing anonymous sources in the Obama administration, say the president wants new rules, some by August of this year, that will enforce the energy efficiency standards deadlines that are already in place. Many DOE deadlines for new appliance standards have been missed in recent years. AP reports that the president will give high priority to standards that will provide the most economic benefit to consumers.

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