NPD Reports Women are More Keen on Green
Dec 23, 2008
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According to a report, Green 2008: Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors, from The NPD Group, Inc., a market research company, more than half of consumers surveyed consider themselves extremely or very interested in environmentally-friendly products. Women appeared to have a stronger interest in "green" products than men (57% vs. 47%). In addition, women are significantly more likely to be purchasing "green" products and more likely to be willing to pay a higher price.

The report said that more men than women consider themselves to be well-informed about "green" products. "While men may be well-informed and have less interest in the category than women, the question to ask is why – is it the fact they are well-informed that is making them less interested, or is it a case where they don’t know what they don’t know?," said Mark Delaney, director of The NPD Group’s Home division. "In either scenario, manufacturers and retailers need to drive marketing and education efforts that will help the less-involved consumer understand the benefits of 'green' and what makes a product 'green.'"

NPD says that the top environmentally-friendly items include energy star appliances, of which 60% are currently using. The other "green" items currently used include CFL bulbs and rechargeable batteries.

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