Adults Find Internet Access Essential to Daily Life: Intel Survey
Dec 16, 2008
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Most U.S. adults find Internet access essential to daily life in today’s economic climate, with some choosing it as a must-have over watching TV, according to the recent “Internet Reliance in Today’s Economy” survey conducted by Harris Interactive* and sponsored by Intel Corp.

The survey revealed that 65% of adults feel they cannot live without Internet access, and even more – 71%– responded that it is important or very important to have Internet-enabled devices, such as laptops, netbooks, and mobile Internet devices (MIDs) that can provide them with real-time updates on important issues, including the state of the economy. Most U.S. adults also identify the Internet as a key tool in today’s economy for managing personal finances, finding discounts and the best deals while shopping online, and many rated access to the Internet as indispensable compared to other discretionary items, such as dining out, shopping, and gym memberships.

The survey also found that about 87% feel that Internet access has helped them save money. And more than 65% of U.S. adults aged 18-34, 57% of U.S. adults aged 35-44, and 52% of U.S. adults aged 45 and older would rather go 2 weeks without watching TV than give up Internet access for a week.

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