LSU Develops Multi-Purpose Home Robot
Dec 3, 2008
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Students in Louisiana State University's (LSU) Department of Computer Science have developed a way to take the pain out of the perfect lawn: the fully customizable AgBot. LSU’s AgBot is a multi-purpose, environmentally-friendly lawn care machine containing a seed dispenser, high-torque auger, fertilizer tank, and remote control capabilities. It is solar-powered and can move as fast as six miles per hour for a minimum time span of four hours. It also has artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, and advanced GPS systems. The AgBot is currently a prototype. The finished robot will be equipped with stronger motors and more capabilities.

"This is truly a new, revolutionary way to maintain the perfect lawn," said Bharat Narahari, one of AgBot’s creators."Its high torque auger with adjustable drill depth and motor speeds takes only 40 seconds per planting." Also, its fertilizer system is designed to avoid inconsistent dispersal that causes lawn burn.

AgBot is also equipped with a night vision camera positioned atop a 360 degree swivel. It has a high-frequency alarm system and advanced motion detector that allows you to select the level of sensitivity the robot has to movement. If AgBot detects motion, it will immediately sound the alarm, photograph the intruder and even instantaneously e-mail you the picture.

The end goal is for AgBot to be completely customizable, as if buying a computer and selecting the only the desired components versus a package that includes unnecessary options. With minor adjustments, AgBot would be capable of supporting five or six different applications. One such idea is to develop a mailbox function, where the AgBot could pick up UPS or FedEx deliveries that are left unprotected on doorways.

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