Miele Canada Unveils New Retail Model
Sep 23, 2008
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Miele (Canada) Limited unveiled a new business model that it says will shift the way the appliance manufacturer interacts with customers and retailers. The first of its kind in Canada - and in the appliance industry- the unique Miele Chartered Agent system (MCA) focuses on providing the customer experience by having Miele directly support all customer interactions, from payment and delivery, to installation and service.

In the new model, retailers become authorized Miele Chartered Agents and leave the manufacturer to handle every aspect of the customer experience from the moment the appliance is purchased, all the way through the product's long lifespan. "Being able to responsibly communicate and interact with customers directly is a brand's greatest asset which we will now be able to do to solidify the Miele brand in Canada for both us and our Miele Chartered Agents," explains Kelly Lam, director of Marketing, Miele (Canada) Limited.

To ensure a consistent brand experience, Miele-branded boutiques will be showcased across all retail agents in Canada. In addition to product education, retailers will now inform consumers of the new MCA model and process sales orders through the manufacturer's Web-based system. From there, Miele will contact the customer within 24 hours to confirm the purchase, answer any questions, and arrange for delivery and installation.

Retail agents will also no longer burden the headaches associated with inventory and product supply since Miele has opened three new warehouses (Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal) and hired a team to support this new system.

To promote the MCA launch in Canada, Miele is offering a 10 year manufacturer's warranty on Miele washing machines and 5 year manufacturer's warranty on all Miele kitchen appliances, including dishwashers, until Dec. 31, 2008.

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