Tech Enthusiast Drive Sales of In-Vehicle Electronics, Says CEA
Nov 11, 2008
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Sales of in-vehicle consumer electronics (CE) will be fueled by a new emerging segment, the Technology Enthusiast Driver, according to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The study, The Technology Enthusiast Driver Population - Driving the Future of In-Vehicle Technologies, finds that in-vehicle CE sales will grow at an estimated rate of 13% to US$12.2 billion in 2008.

Technology Enthusiast Drivers are early to mid-adopters of technology and regularly drive a vehicle that is either owned or leased by someone in their household. They are highly interested in emerging technologies such as voice-activated wireless communications, with 61% of Technology Enthusiast Drivers identifying the technology as desirable for their vehicle.

CEA says consumers are increasingly bringing portable CE devices into the vehicle. Technology Enthusiast Drivers almost always choose portable devices, with 98% owning at least one CE device not permanently installed in the vehicle while 89% use their portable CE devices in the vehicle.

The study also reveals the effect of hands-free laws on Technology Enthusiast Drivers as well as the impact of travelling with children on CE device usage in the vehicle.

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