Carrier Earns Award for CO2 Refrigeration Systems
Nov 10, 2008
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Carrier Corp. won the Environmental Pioneer award in the Refrigeration category at the 2008 Cooling Industry Awards in London.

First presented in 2004 by RAC (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) Magazine, the Cooling Industry awards are the awards for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in the UK. The awards recognize companies that demonstrate environmental leadership and encourage the rest of the industry to do so. The judges base their selection on entries that have shown particularly strong leadership, vision, and have the potential for wider adoption.

Among its claims to pioneering the technology is Carrier Commercial Refrigeration’s installation of the largest transcritical CO2 refrigeration system in the world. Carrier equipment cools food in a hypermarket in Northern Germany, where three high-temperature (HT) packs with total capacity of 670 kW and two low-temperature (LT) packs with capacity of 130 kW were installed.

Carrier has also pioneered a two-step technology with the refrigerant, which allows the pressure on the supermarket shop floor to be kept at reasonable levels (around 40 bar) with only the plant areas requiring higher pressures. And in the UK, Carrier has completed the first transcritical store based on water cooling, at Sainsbury’s in Greenwich, converting the store to CO2 with only 10 days’ shutdown.

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration plans to build on its experience in retail — from convenience stores to hypermarkets — when it begins full-scale production of the systems next year. The company will launch integrated solutions that will make CO2 systems attractive even in warmer climates, while current developments in Booster systems will reduce energy consumption, complexity, and cost for combined LT and HT systems.

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