Manufacturers Fail to Capitalize on Productivity, Study Says
Nov 10, 2008
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Manufacturing companies expect to leave 27% of unrealized productivity on the table, and the number one barrier to productivity in manufacturing is internal communications problems, according to a study by Proudfoot Consulting, a global operational management consulting firm. The 2008 Global Productivity Report also found that manufacturing companies’ productivity solutions involve increasing training and implementing culture change. It also noted that:

∙Companies will leave 30% of potential productivity gains untapped over the next two years

∙Managers spend 34% of their time on administrative tasks and only 10% of their time on training and active supervision of their workers

∙34.3% of the average worker’s time is spent on unproductive activities, up from 32.1% the prior year

∙The top two barriers to improved productivity are a shortage of skilled workers and internal communication issues.

The report compares productivity in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, South Africa, Spain, the UK, and the United States in manufacturing, engineering, and other industries. For more information, visit

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