Microsun Batteries Wins Wearable Power Competition
Oct 31, 2008
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MicroSun Technologies LLC, a manufacturer of lithium ion battery packs and smart charging devices, provided two entrants the batteries instrumental in their hybrid power systems. The entrants placed 1st and 3rd in the Department of Defense Wearable US$1.75 million Power Prize Challenge Competition. The battery packs required electronic management as well as the capability to endure the test regime. The 1st place winner was a team comprised of DuPont Chemical and Smart Fuel Cell, and the 3rd place winner was Capitol Connections LLC.

Each team had to provide a wearable power system that produced 20 watts of average power for 96 hours while weighing less than 4 kg. Only the three lightest systems completing the arduous 96 hour test were declared winners and received cash prizes. Two of the three prize-winning teams worked closely with MicroSun Technologies to power their way into the winners circle.

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