Embraco Receives International Award for Energy Efficiency
Oct 27, 2008
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Embraco’s President, Ernesto Heinzelmann, recently received an award in Washington, DC, for the development of the Embraco VCC compressor, which reduces energy consumption by up to 40%.

"If the United States decides to be the global leader in the pursuit of environmental sustainability, dedicating resources and driving both the scientific and academic community, I am sure the world will win the battle for environmental sustainability," Heinzelmann emphasized during his speech on receiving the Stars of Energy Efficiency Award in late September.

Embraco was one of seven organizations to receive the award given to the companies that contribute the most to energy efficiency on the planet. Delivered by the Alliance to Save Energy, the award certified the Embraco VCC compressor’s excellence, which is capable of reducing, by up to 40%, the energy consumption of refrigerators and freezers. This performance is achieved thanks to the presence of an electronic control able to perceive, without the use of external sensors, the temperature change inside the refrigerator and then adjust the coldness properly. The electronic control is developed and manufactured by the business unit Embraco Electronic Controls (EECON), in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

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