Samsung Enters U.S. PC Market
Oct 15, 2008
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Samsung entered the PC market in the United States with the launch of a collection of notebooks. The line will be sold through distributions, etailers, and direct market retailers.

The majority of the company’s models feature price points of US$1,000 and up, save for its netbook product, which carries a suggested retail of $499.

Samsung’s NC10 netbook is available in white or metallic blue. It features a 10.2-inch screen, weighs 2.8 pounds, runs on an Intel Atom processor and comes with a Windows XP Home operating system. Other features include a 160GB standard hard drive and a 6-cell battery. It retails for $499.

In addition to its N-Series netbook offerings, Samsung is also unveiling its Q-, R-, and X-series of notebooks that will be targeted at consumer, business, and prosumer users, as well as its P-series which a company spokesperson said will be targeted exclusively at business users. Suggested pricing range from $1,049 (for the R610, which is appropriate for entry-level gamers) up to $2,499 (for the highest-end X-series thin-and-light models.)

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