Carrier Introduces Rooftop All-Electric AC System for North America
Oct 10, 2008
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Carrier Corp. launched the AvantAC™ All-Electric Air-Conditioning System for the North American market. It’s reportedly the first modular rooftop all-electric system in North America.

The AvantAC air-conditioner uses aircraft power generation and management technology from another United Technologies subsidiary, Hamilton Sundstrand.

The system features multiple, electrically driven, self-contained “plug-and-play” modules installed on a vehicle roof, and employs a belt-driven generator to produce electric power independent of engine speed, rather than using the conventional system of a vehicle engine driving a large refrigeration compressor. Several small compressors for the cooling circuits are located inside the rooftop unit.

The independent power supply and all system functions are controlled using intelligent power controller architecture, enabling balanced interaction. Advanced electronics ensure cooling performance is continuously and automatically adjusted to the required demand. Optimum temperature, air distribution and humidity control are provided by the system at all times – even when the bus engine is idling at only 700 RPM instead of running at 2000-plus RPM.

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