Motorola Reports Q4 Losses
Feb 4, 2009
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Motorola's reported sales losses in 4Q 2008, and said that its 1Q cellular handset sales will decline faster than global industry sales because of previously announced plans to scale back the number of operating systems in the company’s handset portfolio.

Fourth-quarter sales fell 26% to US$7.13 billion from the year-ago quarter and 17.7% in FY 2008 to $30.2 billion. The fourth quarter had a net loss of $3.58 billion compared with year-ago earnings of $100 million. The handset division accounted for 33% and 40%, respectively, of company-wide fourth-quarter and full-year sales. Fourth-quarter handset sales of $2.35 billion were down from the year-ago quarter by 51%, and full-year handset sales of $12.1 billion were down 36% for the year.

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