Deere Adjusts Davenport Layoff Total
Feb 4, 2009
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Deere & Company announced an adjustment to the number of employees who will go on indefinite layoff later this month at the John Deere Davenport Works in Davenport, IA, U.S.

Deere said it was adjusting the total employees impacted by this layoff to 200. Last month, Deere said 190 employees would be affected. The employees were informed that all 200 would be placed on indefinite layoff effective Feb. 16, rather than any of them receiving an immediate temporary reassignment to another factory.

Deere earlier had said temporary reassignments were a possibility but the company has determined those temporary transfers will not take place at this time. Meanwhile, Deere wage employees who are on layoff in the Quad Cities remain eligible for temporary reassignments when additional employees are needed at other locations.

Deere said the layoffs at Davenport Works are consistent with Deere & Company's most recent outlook in November, when the company stated that its construction and forestry sales would decrease 12% in FY 2009.

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