Carrier to Expand Portfolio of Cooling Products in Kuwait
Jul 25, 2008
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At a recent industry seminar, Carrier Kuwait Air Conditioning said it plans to broaden its portfolio of air-conditioning products in Kuwait to meet enhanced market demand.

Addressing the forum, Shahid Malik, general manager, Carrier Kuwait, said, “Carrier has been at the forefront of cooling technology in Kuwait, delivering expert solutions that suit the hot and high-ambient conditions in the Gulf. Carrier’s comprehensive portfolio spans the entire spectrum of cooling applications and leverages the company’s global capability.

“Carrier will enrich its product portfolio to meet Kuwait’s diverse demands for air conditioning and refrigeration. As part of its expansion, the company will introduce highly energy efficient condensing units. The new products, combined with the existing range, will further strengthen Carrier’s premier position in Kuwait’s cooling sector,” added Malik.

Carrier’s new products will be sourced from its regional facility, the Saudi Arabian Manufacturing Company (SAMCO), which is among the Middle East’s largest manufacturing plants. SAMCO supplies a significant product range to Carrier’s Kuwait market, including window units, condensing units, rooftop packages, and central station air handling units, among others. The units are designed to meet the extreme, high ambient environment in the Gulf, where temperatures touch 55°C.

The company’s existing range includes air-conditioners fitted with UVC Emitters™ lamps, which reportedly enhance indoor air quality and reduce energy costs by keeping the cooling coil clean. The product is important in the Gulf, given that harsh climatic conditions compel people to spend more time indoors. It also helps extend the life of the air-conditioning equipment.

The UVC supplies enough germicidal energy to penetrate viruses, bacteria and mold, altering their DNA. As a result, UVC eliminates up to 90% of both surface organisms that grow inside HVAC systems and microbes that normally circulate through the air-conditioning system and back to the building occupants.

UVC Emitters™ lamps, manufactured by Steril-Aire Inc., have been tested and used in applications for homes, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, factories and food processing in the USA for 11 years. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tests confirmed that the Steril-Aire Emitters are, on average, reportedly six times more effective than any other UVC lamps tested.

Malik also highlighted the benefits of Blygold – a product that protects cooling systems from corrosion. Blygold® protection is pertinent to the Gulf as corrosion can be caused by high humidity, winds and proximity to the sea.

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